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I’ll Coax The Story Out Of You

Photo charms held in palm of hand
Preparing family tree pendants from digitized vintage photos.

My Beautiful Life Story is a digital archivist & personal historian consultant, serving the Bradenton, Sarasota and Venice communities of Florida. A personal historian who is a digital archivist preserves photos (slides and negatives, memorabilia and ephemera) and provides advice about storage and uses for photo and memorabilia collections.

I don’t only serve clients in Florida. As an archivist, I am available to travel worldwide to help families preserve their photo collections and tell their unique stories. We meet to discuss what are your goals for your photo collection.

During the process, the photo collection, media, storage containers are gone through and the photos, slides and film are collected together.

Are you ready to preserve your visual legacy?

A consultation is the first step in making your ideas a reality. Once we review the scope of your project we will work together to choose the services that are right for you.

  • Are you hoping to preserve your photos for posterity?
  • Do you want to gather photos and stories family-wide, including siblings, aunts, uncles, and cousins?
  • A book may be what you are considering. Is preserving family recipes and tidbits of information about the contributors in a cookbook your goal?
  • Are you downsizing and want to see your photos on a device like a digital photo frame or view them larger than life on your television screen, rather than storing them in photo albums or in that shoebox in the closet?
  • Perhaps you are preparing for a family reunion and would like to have your event centered on a theme.
  • Perhaps genealogy is your passion and you’d like someone to compliment your work with digitizing photos.
  • Are you a company that wants to tell your story through words and photos?

Once we’ve gathered your images, slides, negatives and other media together, we begin the process of collecting the stories about your images and/or recipes, letters, ephemera, to make sure those memories are available for generations.

Stories Fade Away

Memories, like photos fade away & time is fleeting. Think of all the stories you wish you could hear one more time (See Durfee Family Service Station video here). You know, there will be many stories you wish you had written down.

The MOST common statement I hear from clients is : “I wish I had asked/learned more about…. (Insert topic here______) from Dad, Mom, Auntie, Cousin, Grandmom, etc when they were around.”

I can relate. I scanned 75 photos from a shoebox that had been hidden under my Dad’s bed. Afterward, I spent months sleuthing the collection performing ‘photo forensics’.As you can imagine, I was ‘meeting’ relatives I had never known.

I’ve spent the past two decades untangling the stories and lives captured within photos I had never seen before I was handed the shoebox they’d been stored in.

As I learned more about my history I realized how messy and deeply unknown was much of my family’s personal history.

Preserve your visual HISTORY today!

I help you avoid that process by saying, yes, life is busy. But if preserving your family history stories and organizing your photos has been on your to-do list, there is no time like now to make it happen.

Family history savers love My Beautiful Life Story. They wax poetic with their testimonial’s, like this one from Homer Speer who was the keeper of his family history.

Are you ready to preserve your legacy?

Begin today~ Call for Free Consultation

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