Preserving your visual legacy

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Memories, like photos fade away & time is fleeting: think of all the stories you wish you could hear one more time or stories you wish you had written down. The MOST common statement I hear from clients is : “I wish I had asked/learned more about…. (Insert topic here______) from Dad, Mom, Auntie, Cousin, Grandmom, etc when they were around.”

I can relate. I scanned 75 photos from a shoebox hidden under my Dad’s bed after he had passed. Imagine, ‘meeting relatives’ I had never known. I’ve spent the past two decades untangling the stories captured within photos I had never seen before I was handed that shoebox. As I learned more I realized how messy and unknown was much of my family’s personal history.

I want you to avoid that process by saying, yes, life is busy. But if preserving your family history stories and organizing your photos has been on your to-do list, there is no time like now to make it happen.

It’s a fact that memorabilia, slides and images incorrectly stored can become a real mess to salvage. Photo albums that aren’t archival can damage images. Storing photos near a heat source can make photos curl or become faded. Water or fire can make images unrecoverable. Your collection needs help!

My Beautiful Life Story preserves heirloom photo and provides advice about your collection. Based in Oregon, I am a photo organizer willing to travel worldwide.

Together, we’ll look at your photo albums, filing systems and budget, then decide what you’d like to accomplish.

Want to be more organized and have your photos all in one place? We’ll catalog your photos to make them easy to find. Photos can be assigned keywords with a digital filing system that is easy to understand and navigate.

This is intimate work I am honored to do. Together, we are gathering your personal history. The stories together with your images and creating a lasting photo legacy that is sure to make you say ” Yes! this is My Beautiful Life Story.”

  • Organizing digital images and videos
  • Key wording, editing and photo restoration
  • Organizing printed photos, slides and memorabilia
  • Creating traditional or digital photo albums
  • Creating video slideshows or video biographies
  • Scanning prints and slides
  • Converting out-dated media into viewable formats
  • Creating one-of-a-kind photo gifts
  • Installing backup systems
  • Technology instruction/education
  • Family history research
  • Digital slideshows and stories to share with family and friends.

A consultation is the first step in making your ideas a reality. We’ll review the scope of your project and select the services right for you.

Are you ready to preserve your legacy?

Begin today~ Call for Free Consultation

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