Welcome to my studio

An imaage of a computer workshop space

Welcome to the workspace of My Beautiful Life Story.

Here’s a look at the projects created and equipment used. Here you will get a glimpse too of the materials used for legacy folk art and workshops under development.

Every project starts with photos, slides, film and collecting details about the materials

 After curating a collection, the archive process is begun. Photos, memorabilia and interviews are conducted. Using a scanner and other tech gadgets, images and stories are collected then digitized.

Once digitized images and stories are SAFE. At this point, originals can be stored, images can be reproduced and interviews or journals can be transcribed.

Business or individual projects

According to the client’s project scope My Beautiful Life story will produce business brag books or short business explainer videos. An individual’s project may include visual memoirs, photo books, personal history webpages, legacy folk art, and more.

A photo and transparency scanner is used for cataloging most collections. This equipment digitizes slides, film, negatives, images & memorabilia. Important document storage is recommended and this scanner can be used to create digital copies for safe keeping, a good idea in the event of an unforeseen emergency.

For book drafts or the beginning stages of artwork a Laserjet printer is used.

With this printer images are ouput for photo transfer. This is also where the book editing stage or design layout begins

Reclaimed materials are frequent building blocks

Reclaimed materials are used for much of the legacy art created. Recycled magazines are used for mosaic tile photo projects and reclaimed cigar boxes are used for commemorative boxes. Hand-made papers can be imcorporated which are composed of recycled materials or natural materials like plants or fabrics.

Workshop Materials

For commemorative art project magnetic backed canvas is one surface that can be explored.. This material is used during workshops and other materials or substrates may be included: polymer clay, acrylic paint. recycled magazines, matte medium. transparency film, photo copies, Plexiglas, wood or other objects.

Software & Equipment

I am self-taught computer geek. I create much of my work using inDesign, Photoshop, Pages, transcription software, WordPress, iMovie, iPhone, youTube and other platforms or software, project dependent.

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