2019 Valentines Day photo transfer workshop Salem Oregon

My aunt Phyll came for a visit as my canvas valentine during the photo transfer workshop

My Beautiful Life Story brought a photo transfer workshop to the South Salem Senior Center. on Thursday February 14th. This was the fourth workshop that I’ve presented to folks excited to share their stories and photos at the Senior Center.. Workshop attendees created a small piece of commemorative art and left with the ability to recreate photo transfer techniques at home.

The workshops are offered monthly and give anyone who attends the chance to learn about preserving their own or family photos, negatives, slides and film. Returning guests to the workshops often come bearing their recent projects, filled with memories they unearthed while sorting through their collections.

During this month’s workshop, the Valentines Day group eagerly learned ways to use copies of their photos. They were shown the process of transferring photos using matte medium to create a type of ‘decal’ .

Once dry, the image is transferred to a substrate and then the backing paper is removed to reveal the image. I have a link to my INSTRUCTABLE (Lightbox-inspired-picture-shelf-with-battery) using this technique on the Legacy Folk art page,

Workshops are being offered at the South Salem Senior Center on the 2nd Thursday of the month, from 1-2:30 pm through April 2019.

If you are interested in hosting a visual legacy presentation or a workshop, feel free to contact me using the form located here.

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