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Technology Support

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Originally founded as Zoe Morrison Personal Assistant & , services are now integrated into My Beautiful Life Story website.

The past 15 years of my career I’ve freelanced as a contract executive assistant. I provide administrative services and one-to-one technology support to select clients.

  • Learning about your computer or phone, tablet
  • Software to help you accomplish your goals
  • Assistance uploading photos or stories to your family history program.
  • Installing backup systems for your phone or computer in case of loss or damage.
  • Technology tutoring: one on one
  • Device Management
  • Office Organization
  • Accepting contract admin projects. Paperless office.

See Tech Tutor Services tab for pricing

Gift Certificates are available for hourly services if you have someone in your life who would benefit from a technology boost!

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Founder My Beautiful Life Story

At age six, Zoe rode her first two-wheeler into the world, discovering the stories, photos and secret hearts of her neighbors. She’s finally gone back to her roots, collecting stories, organizing photos, and making new friends on her journey.

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