Gift Certificates

Give them the gift of a lifetime 

A gift certificate is a perfect way give someone the gift of a lifetime.


Snapshots fade and so do memories.  The stories behind the images, the way it felt to be surrounded by family in the spirit of the holidays or that photo taken when the blue ribbon was won at the County Fair!  

It’s time to capture the memories

Think about getting those photos and memories out of the box and captured! Whether you are the family keeper of photos and stories…. OR, it’s likely you know a family member who has totes, family albums, slide carousels, Bibles, memorabilia, slide carousels, film or the like whose stories are fading away. 

A visual legacy deserves to have it’s stories told and a gift certificate is the perfect way to capture those moments and memories.

What are you waiting for. Time is fleeting and memories fade

Give them the gift of a lifetime by preserving their memories and visual legacy. Can you imagine a gift  more heartfelt than one that shows how much you care about a loved one, your family and it’s personal history.

 These services and more are offered

  • Photos and film digitized
  • Memorabilia preserved 
  • Interviews captured
  • Digital copies loaded onto smart devices or other media for viewing
  • Genealogy support
  • Video for family reunions celebrating special milestones
  • Books that preserve the stories and legacy
  • Video biographies created
  • Video Wills
  • Legacy Letter
  • Personal history preservation

Let me tuck a certificate in the mail to you today. They are a delightful way honor the recipient.  

Contact me to order . And, thank you!