Pricing 2021

Photo Scan: Pix Insurance
$50 ph
$50 ph
Slide Scanning
$65 ph
Scan Parties
$75 pp
$125 ph

Interview for My Quest

Legacy Art
$450 commission based
Video Will
$600 ph
$600 ph
$50 ph

Photo Organizing

Corporate History
Reunion Packages
starting at $325

A family gathers on the front lawn for a summertime portrait

The Best Reunion Yet!

$25 pp

Workshop Examples

DIY Photo Scanning
$75 ph

Do It Yourself Support

$125 ph
Technical Support
$75 ph
Family Cookbook
$1,500 basic

Family Recipes, Preserved

Memoir Support
$75 ph

Your Story Your Way

Web Portal
$275 up
Nancy Speer speaks during Speer Family oral history project

A Personal History Webpage

From $600 Video Legacy Letters Price quoted includes 1 hour taping, 3 edits and transcription of interview. Share contents at any time or it can accompany a will. Express values, blessings, life’s lessons, love, apologies and even forgiveness with family and friends.

Video Wills

From $600 2 hour interview, 3 edits, transcription, hard copies and digital copies for your legal advisor.

Inventory catalogue From $300 Service Starting at $300 and up. Photo inventory of your items and descriptions: contact sheet with itemized spreadsheet and digital copies of the same for safekeeping with your legal advisor.

Heritage preservation

Commemorative Video

From $600

Images commemorating a loved one in video format including audio and soundtrack selections.Personal history Consultant Wikipedia Profiles From $125 per hour Photos and images are digitized, interviews are conducted and cross checked, articles and references are included in listings. Pricing starts at $1275, and can range to $10,000

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