Photo Gifts for BFF

Two women laughing in film booth
Two women with a wig mugging for the camera
Photo antics captured in time

Remember that day when you both slipped into the photo booth giggly, making faces for the camera as it snap snap snap snapped the four images. You tucked the strip way into your pocket where it landed on your dresser top or marking your place in a book.

What a memory. A sweet impermanent reminder of that raucous moment in the photo booth, cherished every day as a photo gift, a loving nod, a visual hug.

A treasure: the giggles, frozen on thin sheets of plex glowing backlit in a window. A dangling photo panel, displayed, so every time they walk by that window they’ll smile.

Completed light box. Charmingly battery operated but truly impractical to transport

I dreamed up these photo panels after making a very sweet but impractical (for my mobile lifestyle) battery operated lightbox. When preparing to move I realized transporting the entire fixture would be problematic. Disassembled, it was much simpler to transport. 

Photos strung on chain

How are these photo transfer gifts created? The film strip images are scanned  then a laser copy of the picture was made. Using a gel medium, the photo transfers were mounted onto opaque panels, dremeled then dangled from jump rings on short lengths of chain. 
A forever gift. Wrap it up flat and stow it in a pocket to gift unexpectedly. Imagine the smile and more laughter!

Yes, I remember those great times with my best friend. I’ll have to dig the strip out. It must be in a box, somewhere…..

Zoe’s daughter with completed photo transfer panel from photo booth film strip

But this. Never lost. Ever a reminder. You. Your Best Friend. Laughing in that photo booth, a snapshot in time. That moment, captured. There it be, hung in the window to pass by with a smile and a warm wonderful memory.

Do you have a memory like this? Or another. Let me know. Maybe I can dream up an idea for your sweet little memory.

Who’s your buddy?

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