Oregon Black Pioneers Legacy Art Commemorative Box

Green and gold brocade background. Wooden box with collage to commemorate 25th Anniversary Oregon Black Pioneers
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25th Anniversary Commemorative Box~ I was tagged to create a box for an art auction to commemorate the Oregon Black Pioneers. Having been a volunteer for the group and ‘in charge’ of curating the photo collection I have access to many historical photos of African American settlers and pioneers who lived throughout Oregon.

I used imagery from exhibits the organization has displayed at the Oregon Historical Society and photographs of book covers which are in publication by the organization.

The cover features a clay photo transfer collage designed specifically for the 25th Anniversary Gala Oregon Black Pioneers. Images on the cover include Triple Nickels, OBP Publications, Posters from their exhibits at OHS, the OBP Logo and photos of popular characters from Oregon Black Pioneers presentations.

The interior of the reclaimed cigar box is lined with gold and turquoise brocade paper and footed with felted feet.

I design legacy art that fits the subject and can be staid, a collage, whimsical….using reproductions of the subjects own photos to create an individual work of art. Artwork, reliquary and commemorative boxes available.

Commission Legacy Art, pricing begins at $450

Sources: Brocade paper sourced from Loose Ends Handmade Papers and Mixed Media

Workshops available.

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