NixPlay Recounting One Family’s Past Through Pictures


September 25, 2018~ Nixplay blogger Marianne Salazar wrote an article about my work: ” Recounting One Family’s Past Through Pictures”. Nixplay  learned about the adventurous journey I traveled alongside  Dr. Homer Speer, Sr as I worked digitizing the Speer family photo collection. This family’s photo collection is held by Homer Speer, Jr  ““I’ve scanned hundreds of Homer’s collection of vintage photos and postcards, learning the stories behind most of the family treasures he had collected. I’ve learned a lot of local history along the way while preserving important mementos and photos.” NIXPLAY’s WiFi digital frames ARE the next big thing for displaying pictures and sharing them with your family and friends. Read the NIXPLAY Blog here.  



Founder My Beautiful Life Story

At age six, Zoe rode her first two-wheeler into the world, discovering the stories, photos and secret hearts of her neighbors. She’s finally gone back to her roots, collecting stories, organizing photos, and making new friends on her journey.

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