Legacy Folk Art

brag box with paper mosaic and music box

Legacy folkart is a unique treasure that beg tell-me-more moments.

Your photo-copied images are used to illustrate Your Beautiful Life Story artwork

Imagine your photos embedded in a  one of a kind treasure box, photo valance or photo collage of your images to tell your unique story.


Your commissioned legacy folkart is created using photocopies of your images. Originals are COMPLETELY safe using this technique. Each piece of art is a handmade delight!



Commissioned works of art created using photocopies of your images

  • Single Image
  • Collage
  • Mystical Story-Telling
  • Boxes, Plexi Display, Lamp Shades, Photo Valances, Vases

Sometimes there are freebies so you can create your own photo art

photo light box instructable image