Legacy Art Box: Anna Bloomfield

commission legacy art box

I first saw this photo of Anna Bloomfield during an pre-arranged visit to a shirt tail cousin. Seeing and scanning the images of the family of my Mom’s childhood was part of the reason for my visit. I wanted to scan these photos as an 80th birthday surprise for my Mom.

The crux of the reason for my visit to scan photos was the image of Anna, whose portrait is the centerpiece of this legacy art box.

Anna died when Mom was seven years old. Afterward Mom lived with a foster family until she was ten and became a ward of the state. She lived in an orphanage from age 10-16.

Family photos were scattered when my Mom became a ward of the state.  I made it my mission  to recover the photo history my mom had tragically lost when her adopted mothers death of cervical cancer in 1938.

Captured on this legacy art box, a young girl with posed hands. This image is my mother, taken around 6 or 7 years old.

This legacy art box contains heirloom photos of my mother’s sisters and brothers, vintage photos from the 1940’s of my Mom’s adopted family: her grandparents, aunts and uncles. Class photos of my siblings also adorn the sides of the box.

The entire box is composed photo transfer and recycled  paper mosaic and embellished to highlight the photo of Anna Bloomfield. Gold candy wrappers and small jewels radiate her framed portrait.


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