Family History Webpage

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Just like Homer Speer.
Homer Speer Photo and Website

Homer and I met to talk about computer tutoring and we worked together on getting his computer skills up to speed.

As our relationship deepened, his shared about his how he had made his family history his retirement interest. 
His wasn’t sure if it was possible but after talking over his project we found a way to make his personal history web page idea a reality.

Speer Family History Webpage 

We sorted through years worth of memory keeping, slides and photos, then sent his family videos out to a service to be digitized.
Videos were uploaded to youtube after they had been digitized.
Homer reviewed the pictures and text he wanted to add to his ‘own personal movies. I taught him how to add text to his photos, add music and use his built in computer program, Windows Movie Maker, to complete simple movies. I  uploaded ‘his movies’ to youtube as well when he had them completed.

Then, we built a simple family website, that was MOSTLY images and videos, but he was more than happy with the result.

The Speer Family Website was the first thing he looked at in the morning and the last thing he looked at at night.  Homer’s dream was a  family history webpage he treasured until his last days.