Digitize Your Photo Collection for Downsizing

Are you getting ready to downsize? Look around your home and visually catalog your photographs. Will you be able to transport all of your photographs easily if you downsize to a new home? Don’t store them away in a dark corner. Downsizing? Digitize!

Making Photo Collections PORTABLE

If you are moving from a large home to a much smaller space, it’s almost impossible to take all of your possessions, including your photographs.I can digitize your photographs so you can take them with you anywhere you go. Your photographs are lovingly scanned and saved so they can be viewed anytime and anywhere.

By digitizing your collection, your photographs can be shared to the cloud if you like. Family members can have a copy if you give them a copy on a separate  drive, (storage media) or loaded onto a digital frame or smart TV for viewing anytime you like.

Not only is your collection portable when you downsize, but it’s safe. Imagine storing photos somewhere where they might become damaged. Life happens!  Having a backup of your photographs available insures they could be reproduced in case of an emergency. Digitizing is INSURANCE for your photo legacy is secure.

Sharing your Life Story is Easy to Access Photos

Not only can I digitize your photographs, I  convert slides or negatives so they can be easily viewed. Ask yourself: How often do you get out your slide projector and look at your old family slides?

What else can be digitized?

Many folks with large and small photo collections have downsized to a smaller home.  I’m happy to review your collection and make recommendations to YOU about the best approach to your project!

I’ll eliminate one part of your downsizing puzzle by curating and digitizing your photo Legacy Collection.

Downsizing. It’s a new approach to your life. And digitizing your photo collection is one way to share the experience and breathe in the new!

Preparing to downsize?


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At age six, Zoe rode her first two-wheeler into the world, discovering the stories, photos and secret hearts of her neighbors. She’s finally gone back to her roots, collecting stories, organizing photos, and making new friends on her journey.

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