Digital Archiving

Digitizing your photo collection can include photos in or out of photo albums or frames, slides, gathering media and assessing scope of your project, then sorting your photos while gathering their stories.

Want to be more organized and have your photos all in one place?

We’ll catalog your photos to make them easy to find. Photos can be assigned keywords with a digital filing system that is easy to understand and navigate.

This is intimate work I am honored to do. Together, we are gathering your personal history. The stories together with your images and creating a lasting photo legacy that is sure to make you say ” Yes! this is My Beautiful Life Story.”

Digitizing Photos Digitizing Slides

Photos and slides are then scanned, and converted to a second format: Digitized.

During this process, you choose what you would like to have happen with your original images which will be safely stored.

Photo Insurance

This process insures your photos are SAFE and can be reproduced if they are lost due to natural or unnatural disasters. We call it Photo INSURANCE!

It’s a fact that memorabilia, slides and images incorrectly stored can become a real mess to salvage. Photo albums that aren’t archival can damage images. Storing photos near a heat source can make photos curl or become faded. Water or fire can make images unrecoverable. Your collection needs help!

Scanning Service Process

  • Curation services: media is thoughtfully sorted to feature experiences, people or tell a story
  • Digitizing: images are viewable on gadgets, TV’s, online portfolios, or complete a personal history project
  • Photo collection for downsizing.
  • Cataloging (key words), editing and photo restoration services
  • Organizing printed photos, slides and memorabilia
  • Creating traditional or digital photo albums
  • Converting out-dated media into viewable formats


You receive your originals back, along with one digital copy of your files which have been sorted chronologically or by theme or chapter.

Photo Scanning and Photo Archiving

Cost is quoted per hour: 4X5 or 5X7.  Individual photos will be digitized for sharing, archiving, for legacy letters, commemorative videos or using to illustrate personal history.

Slide Scanning

Pricing per Hour: individual slide cleaning, scanning and digitizing.

Photo correction

Additional handling charges: unframing, removal from albums or slide carousels.

Digitizing archival films is contracted.

Print Services

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