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I’m expanding my service area and adding classes: whether you’ve been dreaming of preserving your family stories, creating a personal or storied video biography, are interested in highlighting a business history for marketing or employee gifting, or looking for ways to simplify writing personal history or memoirs.

I have a cache of programming ready to help preserve personal and corporate history.

Serving Florida and expanding to include vibrant New York.

A legacy art box features photo transfer, copies of vintage images, gold foil and embellishments.
Personal History box mosaic with photo transfer images throughout

Oregon Black Pioneers Legacy Art Commemorative Box

25th Anniversary Commemorative Box~ I was tagged to create a box for an art auction to commemorate the Oregon Black Pioneers. Having been a volunteer for the group and ‘in charge’ of curating the photo collection I have access to many historical photos of African American settlers and pioneers who lived throughout Oregon.

I used imagery from exhibits the organization has displayed at the Oregon Historical Society and photographs of book covers which are in publication by the organization.

The cover features a clay photo transfer collage designed specifically for the 25th Anniversary Gala Oregon Black Pioneers. Images on the cover include Triple Nickels, OBP Publications, Posters from their exhibits at OHS, the OBP Logo and photos of popular characters from Oregon Black Pioneers presentations.

The interior of the reclaimed cigar box is lined with gold and turquoise brocade paper and footed with felted feet.

I design legacy art that fits the subject and can be staid, a collage, whimsical….using reproductions of the subjects own photos to create an individual work of art. Artwork, reliquary and commemorative boxes available.

Commission Legacy Art, pricing begins at $450

Sources: Brocade paper sourced from Loose Ends Handmade Papers and Mixed Media

Workshops available.

Lightbox Inspired Picture Shelf

“Looking around my house I’d noticed I had ‘artwork’ on the walls but family photos were stored in boxes. I wanted to remedy that by making something unique to display those photos. For a couple of years I’ve engineered a backlit photo shelf in my mind.”

 As I designed, I chronicled making the lighted shelf. It was the genesis for the INSTRUCTABLE: Lightbox Inspired Picture Shelf With Battery Operated LED’s

Instructable Lighted Photo Shelf constructed of La Gloria Cuban cigar boxes

Lightbox Instructions PDF

Technology Tutor

Technology Support

Zoe Morrison Contract Admin  Project Done tag

Originally founded as Zoe Morrison Personal Assistant & zoemorrison.com , services are now integrated into My Beautiful Life Story website.

The past 15 years of my career I’ve freelanced as a contract executive assistant. I provide administrative services and one-to-one technology support to select clients.

  • Learning about your computer or phone, tablet
  • Software to help you accomplish your goals
  • Assistance uploading photos or stories to your family history program.
  • Installing backup systems for your phone or computer in case of loss or damage.
  • Technology tutoring: one on one
  • Device Management
  • Office Organization
  • Accepting contract admin projects. Paperless office.

See Tech Tutor Services tab for pricing

Gift Certificates are available for hourly services if you have someone in your life who would benefit from a technology boost!

Legacy Art Box: Anna Bloomfield

I first saw this photo of Anna Bloomfield during an pre-arranged visit to a shirt tail cousin. Seeing and scanning the images of the family of my Mom’s childhood was part of the reason for my visit. I wanted to scan these photos as an 80th birthday surprise for my Mom.

The crux of the reason for my visit to scan photos was the image of Anna, whose portrait is the centerpiece of this legacy art box.

Anna died when Mom was seven years old. Afterward Mom lived with a foster family until she was ten and became a ward of the state. She lived in an orphanage from age 10-16.

Family photos were scattered when my Mom became a ward of the state.  I made it my mission  to recover the photo history my mom had tragically lost when her adopted mothers death of cervical cancer in 1938.

Captured on this legacy art box, a young girl with posed hands. This image is my mother, taken around 6 or 7 years old.

This legacy art box contains heirloom photos of my mother’s sisters and brothers, vintage photos from the 1940’s of my Mom’s adopted family: her grandparents, aunts and uncles. Class photos of my siblings also adorn the sides of the box.

The entire box is composed photo transfer and recycled  paper mosaic and embellished to highlight the photo of Anna Bloomfield. Gold candy wrappers and small jewels radiate her framed portrait.


Multimedia Examples

Multimedia Samples

Video Samples

Explainer Credit HatleyExplainer Planning Hatley Tutorial Voice TypingTalk to type Google Voice Explainer Video
Michigan Durfee Rockford 1940sOregon Black Pioneer George Fletcher
George Fletcher Oregon Black Pioneer
Tiny House Inside TourThumbnail Tiny House Inside Deirdre Morrison
Tiny House Moving Deirdre MorrisonThumbnail Moving the Tiny House Deirdre MorrisonPersonal History Homer Speer 82nd BirthdayThumbnail Homer Speer 82nd BirthdayTiny House Gables Deirdre MorrisonThumbnail Tiny House Gables Deirdre Morrison
Tiny House Pocket Doors Deirdre MorrisonThumbnail Pocket Doors Workshop Photo TransferThumbnail Photo Transfer WorkshopTiny House 4 Walls Deirdre MorrisonThumbnail Deirdre Morrison Tiny House 4 Walls

Click The Video name above the video. On CLICK a new tab will open and take you to YouTube to view the associated video.

Interested in celebrating a milestone for company, corporation or family? Let’s discuss creating a multimedia project that tells your unique story.

Do You Have A Favorite Picture

My six-year-old lunch companion’s kids-meal toy wound up being not a molded-plastic plaything but a meaningful “prize inside.” She opened her fast-food bag to find  …. a deck of cards called “Let’s Remember” — table topics or conversational prompts, as we’d call them today. 

My lunch date wasn’t thrilled with the prize, but we looked at the cards and chose the question,  “Do you have a favorite picture, and if so, who or what is in it?” For me, it was the prompt of a lifetime.

Once you’ve gotten to know me, it’s likely you’ll hear me wax poetic about the tens of thousands of photos, slides and negatives I’ve digitized for image- and story-keepers across the country. I’ve saved family photo collections from ruination and loss in disasters like wildfires, smoke damage, tornadoes, landslides, flooding, and family breakups.  

I often poke folks beginning their own projects with the question, “Do you have a favorite picture, and if so, who or what is in it?” 

Being a memory-keeper myself, a few photo memories sing out from the batches I have digitally archived. 

Decked in Halloween regalia, playful, feathered and fancied, four-, five- and six-year-olds gather for a schoolyard photo around 1926. 

Three swim-trunked brothers, ages five, four and three, digging buckets of sand as their dad commands their dune in full button-down suit, wingtips, hat and windblown tie. Seaside, Oregon, c. 1936. 

Bespeckled dad and daughter share a hobby grin at a film counter. 

A recent candid snap of an adoptee peering through a loupe at 16mm film, reminiscing as she chooses clips from her adopted family videos to gift her birth-mom. 

Theatre photos from 1910 as a group of young doctors performed an autopsy. 

A surly knot of young whippersnappers squinting from the family porch in the late 1930s. 

A serpentarium in Sao Paulo, Brazil, taken shortly after Teddy Roosevelt visited. 

A nude beach romp in the 1970s. 

My own daughters as they slept, cavorted, grew and flew. 

These and other photo memories sing out to be remembered.  But one stands out, telling a tale from a distance. 

A Drugstore Photo of My Dad 

I had never seen this photo until a couple of years ago. It looks to have been taken in the early 1940s. It is a wallet-sized photo of my dad that could have been carried in someone’s wallet. It is creased and well worn. I immediately put it on my scanner and saved it to the cloud. It was a treasure I did not want to lose. 

My Favorite Photo: my dad, a portrait taken when he was about 12 or 13 years old. He has a baseball cap balanced on his mop of “Durfee hair.” He looks straight into the camera, and these are the eyes I am familiar with. He has a gaze that is ancient, and he doesn’t smile (Stoic is a notable feature of most pictures of my family members.) 

Behind him is a painted backdrop of mountains you might choose when you are having your photo taken at a drugstore, if you were a young boy, dreaming of travelling to the mountains. You would save your money for the day when you could dress in your bomber jacket and baseball cap and have your picture taken in town. This is one of the few pictures I own that truly makes me  sentimental.

How had I never seen the photo of this shy, gentle-faced boy who dreamt of mountains? 

The person who had been keeping the picture gave it to me many years after my dad had passed away — years after I could have asked about it. When was it taken? Why the mountains? Where was it taken? Who carried this photo in their wallet? 

Dad rarely talked about himself and the dreams he hadn’t accomplished. He was a man of few words. I knew he loved the mountains, but not until much later. 

A Birthday Wish Interview 

In 2001, I’d invited him over for coffee and to videotape a birthday greeting for my daughter, who was moving to Washington state to fulfill her own dreams. He was shy and uncomfortable in front of the camera.  I managed to capture a recording of his wish for her birthday: That she would enjoy Washington, and that she would catch a salmon, as he had always wanted to. The message was straight and to the point, in his down-to-earth way. 

 Tonight, I watched that 20-year-old video and remembered that day vividly: the coffee, the way the sun came in the window. I grew nostalgic and missed my dad more than I have in several years. I went outside and gazed up at the stars, and a lone bird whooped in the distance, low and lonely. 

I’m remembering. 

Here is one of my favorite photos, along with the birthday wish interview

So now it’s your turn. Tell me about your favorite photo. 

I’ll Coax The Story Out Of You. 

Digitize Your Photo Collection for Downsizing

Are you getting ready to downsize? Look around your home and visually catalog your photographs. Will you be able to transport all of your photographs easily if you downsize to a new home? Don’t store them away in a dark corner. Downsizing? Digitize!

Making Photo Collections PORTABLE

If you are moving from a large home to a much smaller space, it’s almost impossible to take all of your possessions, including your photographs.I can digitize your photographs so you can take them with you anywhere you go. Your photographs are lovingly scanned and saved so they can be viewed anytime and anywhere.

By digitizing your collection, your photographs can be shared to the cloud if you like. Family members can have a copy if you give them a copy on a separate  drive, (storage media) or loaded onto a digital frame or smart TV for viewing anytime you like.

Not only is your collection portable when you downsize, but it’s safe. Imagine storing photos somewhere where they might become damaged. Life happens!  Having a backup of your photographs available insures they could be reproduced in case of an emergency. Digitizing is INSURANCE for your photo legacy is secure.

Sharing your Life Story is Easy to Access Photos

Not only can I digitize your photographs, I  convert slides or negatives so they can be easily viewed. Ask yourself: How often do you get out your slide projector and look at your old family slides?

What else can be digitized?

Many folks with large and small photo collections have downsized to a smaller home.  I’m happy to review your collection and make recommendations to YOU about the best approach to your project!

I’ll eliminate one part of your downsizing puzzle by curating and digitizing your photo Legacy Collection.

Downsizing. It’s a new approach to your life. And digitizing your photo collection is one way to share the experience and breathe in the new!

Preparing to downsize?


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Founder My Beautiful Life Story

At age six, Zoe rode her first two-wheeler into the world, discovering the stories, photos and secret hearts of her neighbors. She’s finally gone back to her roots, collecting stories, organizing photos, and making new friends on her journey.

Photo Gifts for BFF

Two women with a wig mugging for the camera
Photo antics captured in time

Remember that day when you both slipped into the photo booth giggly, making faces for the camera as it snap snap snap snapped the four images. You tucked the strip way into your pocket where it landed on your dresser top or marking your place in a book.

What a memory. A sweet impermanent reminder of that raucous moment in the photo booth, cherished every day as a photo gift, a loving nod, a visual hug.

A treasure: the giggles, frozen on thin sheets of plex glowing backlit in a window. A dangling photo panel, displayed, so every time they walk by that window they’ll smile.

Completed light box. Charmingly battery operated but truly impractical to transport

I dreamed up these photo panels after making a very sweet but impractical (for my mobile lifestyle) battery operated lightbox. When preparing to move I realized transporting the entire fixture would be problematic. Disassembled, it was much simpler to transport. 

Photos strung on chain

How are these photo transfer gifts created? The film strip images are scanned  then a laser copy of the picture was made. Using a gel medium, the photo transfers were mounted onto opaque panels, dremeled then dangled from jump rings on short lengths of chain. 
A forever gift. Wrap it up flat and stow it in a pocket to gift unexpectedly. Imagine the smile and more laughter!

Yes, I remember those great times with my best friend. I’ll have to dig the strip out. It must be in a box, somewhere…..

Zoe’s daughter with completed photo transfer panel from photo booth film strip

But this. Never lost. Ever a reminder. You. Your Best Friend. Laughing in that photo booth, a snapshot in time. That moment, captured. There it be, hung in the window to pass by with a smile and a warm wonderful memory.

Do you have a memory like this? Or another. Let me know. Maybe I can dream up an idea for your sweet little memory.

Who’s your buddy?

Welcome to my studio

Welcome to the workspace of My Beautiful Life Story.

Here’s a look at the projects created and equipment used. Here you will get a glimpse too of the materials used for legacy folk art and workshops under development.

Every project starts with photos, slides, film and collecting details about the materials

 After curating a collection, the archive process is begun. Photos, memorabilia and interviews are conducted. Using a scanner and other tech gadgets, images and stories are collected then digitized.

Once digitized images and stories are SAFE. At this point, originals can be stored, images can be reproduced and interviews or journals can be transcribed.

Business or individual projects

According to the client’s project scope My Beautiful Life
story will produce business brag books or short business explainer videos. An
individual’s project may include visual memoirs, photo books, personal history
webpages, legacy folk art, and more.

A photo and transparency scanner is used for cataloging most collections. This equipment digitizes slides, film, negatives, images & memorabilia. Important document storage is recommended and this scanner can be used to create digital copies for safe keeping, a good idea in the event of an unforeseen emergency.

For book drafts or the beginning stages of artwork a Laserjet printer is used.

With this printer images are ouput for photo transfer. This is also where the book editing stage or design layout begins

Reclaimed materials are frequent building blocks

Reclaimed materials are used for much of the legacy art created. Recycled magazines are used for mosaic tile photo projects and reclaimed cigar boxes are used for commemorative boxes. Hand-made papers can be imcorporated which are composed of recycled materials or natural materials like plants or fabrics.

Workshop Materials

For commemorative art project magnetic backed canvas is one surface that can be explored.. This material is used during workshops and other materials or substrates may be included: polymer clay, acrylic paint. recycled magazines, matte medium. transparency film, photo copies, Plexiglas, wood or other objects.

Software & Equipment

I am self-taught computer geek. I create much of my work using inDesign, Photoshop, Pages, transcription software, WordPress, iMovie, iPhone, youTube and other platforms or software, project dependent.