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Audrey and Shaun Vacca pose as a Bavarian couple with an image of a cuckoo clock in the background

Their Couple Goals Are Cuckoo

Shaun and Audrey Vacca took up the shared hobby of collecting and repairing cuckoo clocks little more than a year ago. Often they spend weekends or evenings after work scouting cuckoos together. During these drives they talk about the interesting people they meet:

Homesteading Keene Island the Williams’ Story

“I loved the woods, the fragrance of the trees, the mossy ground, the sun streaming through the trees, the sounds and the quietness.  I didn’t need to see the house. “ by Arlene Williams In...

Carving Memories from Chickpeas

Living Library: Lorene Patrick, making whimsy from everyday objects. Entering Lorene Patrick’s home was a step into a wonderland full of fantastic creatures. Everywhere I looked were hideaways, cottages, circuses, workshops & shoes where...

Dr Homer Speer Sr onboard a world cruise with fellow travellers suited up in costumes

Family adventures worldwide with the Speer family photos

Travel document Dr. Homer A Speer Sr. Cancelled Argentinean Travel Visa  I’ve scanned hundreds of Homer A Speer Jr’s  collection of vintage photos and postcards, learning the stories behind most of the the family history treasure Homer’s...

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