Author: Zoe

Audrey and Shaun Vacca pose as a Bavarian couple with an image of a cuckoo clock in the background

Their Couple Goals Are Cuckoo

Shaun and Audrey Vacca took up the shared hobby of collecting and repairing cuckoo clocks little more than a year ago. Often they spend weekends or evenings after work scouting cuckoos together. During these drives they talk about the interesting people they meet:

Executive assistant to real estate developer testimonial

Life And Work Goals Accomplished

Assistant uses efficiency skills to get real estate developer organized and balanced in work and life To begin, let me say that anything I could possibly write would fall so far short of the...

Google My Business My Beautiful Life Story

I’ve expanded my service offerings an am adding classes focused on Personal History. Whether you’ve been dreaming of preserving your family stories, are interested in highlighting a business history for marketing or employee gifting,

Zoe Morrison on Google My Business

I offer simple strategies to reduce your TASKS at work or make your home life simpler. Organization, virtual assistance, business or home, you’re goals will be easier to attain when you have an assistant...

Wilbur Family History Trek 2021

Do you know anyone who’d travel 3,500 miles to attend events aware they wouldn’t know anyone there? Welcome to my world. In late 2019 a distant cousin shared tragedy. My great-grandmother, Ida Bell Hayden...

Reclaiming photos 7 decades later

In 1938 Marge’s adopted mother Anna was diagnosed with ovarian cancer. Despite planning for the eventuality: setting aside family heirlooms, photos, and hope chest items to pass onto her adopted daughter, her wishes were...

Logo Personal HIstorians NW

Year End Goodbye 2020 PHNW

Once a month one of Personal Historians NW members elects to write a blog post. I authored the February ‘21 blog post as an auld lang syne to 2020. It was a year filled...

Lightbox Inspired Picture Shelf

“Looking around my house I’d noticed I had ‘artwork’ on the walls but family photos were stored in boxes. I wanted to remedy that by making something unique to display those photos. For a...